Full Name
Rajesh Jayaram
Job Title
Research Scientist
Google Research, New York
Speaker Bio
Rajesh Jayaram is a Research Scientist at Google NYC, part of the Algorithms and Optimization Group. He completed his Ph.D. in theoretical computer science at Carnegie Mellon in the summer of 2021, under the guidance of David Woodruff. Rajesh also holds a bachelor's degree from Brown University, awarded in May 2017. His research primarily focuses on sublinear algorithms and high-dimensional geometry, encompassing sketching, streaming, and distributed algorithms for large-scale computational problems. He's deeply intrigued by dimensionality reduction methods and how they can compress significant components within vast, noisy datasets. Rajesh's work extends to property testing, machine learning, and optimization. He's made substantial contributions to these areas, evident in his extensive list of publications and preprints. Additionally, he has co-organized workshops and has experience as an Adjunct Professor at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering.
Rajesh Jayaram