Full Name
Prof. Tesca Fitzgerald
Job Title
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Yale University
Speaker Bio
Tesca Fitzgerald is an Assistant Professor in Yale’s Computer Science department. Her research centers around interactive robot learning, anticipating the increasing prevalence of robots in human environments and the need for them to adapt to novel task variations. Tesca develops algorithms that empower robots to structure and interpret their interactions with human instructors, enabling them to adjust their task knowledge to unfamiliar situations. Her work, which facilitates robots in seeking assistance for uncharted problems, contributes to a future characterized by adaptive and collaborative robotic systems. Prior to joining Yale, Tesca served as a postdoc at CMU under the mentorship of Henny Admoni, Reid Simmons, and Aaron Steinfeld. She earned her PhD at Georgia Tech in 2020, where she was advised by Ashok Goel and Andrea Thomaz. Her doctoral research revolved around leveraging human interaction to facilitate the transfer of task models to new environments by robots.
Tesca Fitzgerald